Successful Intro Emails for Cold Prospecting Campaigns

Successful Intro Emails for Cold Prospecting Campaigns

Like all types of marketing you have to put yourself into the shoes of the customers that you are targeting.  What do your customers want to read or hear? Are they interested in discounts or bundle deals?  Bundle deals work well across the board with all types of marketing and is the easiest way to show additional value to your customers but cost it into the package properly.  E.g. If you offer a free item in a bundle such as a door bell with every door ordered it will be perceived as something of value vs offering 10% discount which customers rarely believe today.

It is a case of trial and error and testing out the messaging and offers is worth doing.  It is also important that you think about what is showing in the subject and the preview of the message (what appears in the preview text of an email on mobile phones and computer based email programmes.

Features and benefits must be clearly stated throughout your marketing communications including emails.  What makes your product or service unique to your competitors, what guarantees do you offer and what proof do you offer that your customers are happy with your business in terms of video testimonials/photo backed reviews.

Keep all of the convincers to the top of the email and the education part further on down.  It would also be beneficial to have FAQ’s and make it as easy as possible for readers to get in touch, e.g. Live Chat, WhatsApp, call me back forms, etc.  It would also be worth offering demo’s or test drives of your product or service.  A great example of this is if you sell wooden flooring have an option for customers to order a trial pack (still charge for it) and then customers will be reassured they are buying the right product before making a bigger purchase and sending it back.

In summary, any emails that go out need to convince and reassure your reader why they should buy your product or service and make it as easy for them to buy or find out more about it.  When using mailchimp or sendinblue try out different subjects, preview text and layouts of emails to see which ones work best.

Invest time and money in reviews/testimonials as they are critical for all types of marketing including email marketing.  When customers are in the final stages of buying ask them then to leave or record a video review.

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