School Video Production

At Cyber Lightning Media we have experience working with a range of Staff and Students in both Primary and Grammar Schools throughout Northern Ireland to ensure that you have a new and exciting way to help promote your school.

As with all of our promotional videos, we will discuss what you would like to promote and say to your audience; identify what stands you out from other schools in areas such as sport, creative arts, technology, etc. We take pride in creating content that not only resonates the culture and goals your school stands for, but also creating a viewing experience that is unique to make the most positive impression with your prospective students and parents, helping your establishment to stand out from the competition, on screen. Our video packages include content that can be embedded on your website as well as specific versions for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We can produce the following types of school promotional videos:

• Promotional video piece – 3-10 minutes depending on what you are wanting to promote and whether you have Principal and Staff interviews included. It is not uncommon for more than 1 promotional video to be created as part of a video campaign to highlight multiple outputs of the school at length from various perspectives eg/ Teacher focus piece, Student focus piece, Parent focus piece.
• Subject focused videos – shorter videos that concentrate on specific topics e.g. Technology, Sports or Music.
• School tour videos – forget about Matterport and put some life into the tour of your school and why not include a parent or teacher interview as an influential factor for viewers. Tour videos are superb for underlining the tone of your school; let one of your pupils show us around!
• Event videos – have you a special event that you would like professionally recorded?

We use the 4K Sony camera ecosystem, a DJI fleet of equipment including the Ronin RS2, as well as Sennheiser and Rode microphones to ensure the absolute best audio clarity supporting the dialogue you are trying to get across. This ensures that you can use your promotional videos on the internet accommodating viewers on their phone handset or on large screens for presentations and open days.

Why not check out our recent school promotional videos below:

If you are looking for school video production get in touch with us today on +44 7853 914735 to find out how Cyber Lightning Media can help promote your school to prospective new students.