Healthcare Training

Healthcare Training?

Standard Healthcare industry training criterias generally have 4 main aims:

‘Know how’ – when learners can perform required skills to a high degree.

‘Show how’ – when learners can confidently demonstrate a determined level of competence.

‘Know that’ – when learners achieve required knowledge.

‘Does’ – when learners’ new knowledge and skills are executed in their role.

Rutledge offers learners a range of Healthcare Training Courses that can enable you to broaden your knowledge within your field, but also gain a new qualification(s) allowing you to start your career in the Healthcare field. Our Healthcare Courses are well established where you will experience both vocational and classroom learning to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Rutledge for Healthcare Training?

Rutledge boasts 17 locations across Northern Ireland, and a range of courses such as Introduction Into Adult Social Care NI, Diplomas in Health and Social Care and Leadership In Health and Social Care, with qualifications awarded by City and Guilds, BIIAB and Cache; your merit after completing your studies will be widely recognised and aid you furthering your career, whether that is taking on a new skill set or building upon an existing one – Rutledge are also a leading recruiter for the Healthcare Industry, meaning you will never be far away from entering a new position.

Why Should You Study Healthcare?

  • Employability

With the Healthcare sector continually growing at an alarming rate, this industry will enable you to get to work, quickly. Adult Care positions as well as Social Care demand has grown steadily over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Diversity

Every day is different in a Healthcare role – our Healthcare Training Courses will prepare you for every event allowing you to meet challenges head on and create solutions from demanding situations. Once you enter your role there is always room to progress and learn new skills to compliment your day to day output; have a look on our website to see our full range of courses and the progression that comes with them.

  • Travel

A skillset and a qualification within the Healthcare Sector can support your job hunt throughout the UK, our awarding bodies like BIIAB and City and Guilds are widely recognised and trusted amongst healthcare employers, meanings once you bear the skills you are able to hunt for a location that will work for you and your future.

  • Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something not a lot of people can claim comes as standard with their position – your day to day work will make a difference to people, seeing those you look after progress concluding the time you have invested into their recovery, rehabilitation or general wellbeing cannot be described. At Rutledge we ensure that you are equipped to deal with multiple role expectations, coupled with real world examples and case studies during your training to ensure you are in the best possible position to deal with the unexpected and perceived challenges that you may encounter along the way. In short, through us you will be ready to be your best.